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Sunsetting Canon C-RAW support

Compatibility: cameras, file formats and file types
As of version 0.9.14 Rawsie doesn't support compressing Canon C-RAW (Compressed RAW) files.

Although originally calibrated and introduced as supported in earlier versions, C-RAW in many cases turned out to be so small in file size, that even with some compression ratio in place introduced by Rawsie, the embedded preview files added along the way were making the final size of resulting DNGs obliterate the compression benefits.

This created a situation where C-RAW files compressed in Rawsie ended up even heavier than the original C-RAWs. Sadly, we had to revoke the C-RAW support.

If you'd still like to compress your Canon files with Rawsie, we suggest you switch to regular Canon raw files as you would still benefit from the full image quality your camera can offer while enjoying an even smaller file size with Rawsie.