Rawsie Help Center

Switching from free to paid version

If you've had a free version in the past and for some reason cannot find a way to upgrade to a paid version, the quickest fix would be to re-register your account with any new email address:
  1. Go to your Rawsie profile.
  2. Check if you are logged in with a free plan.
  3. Log out from that free account, using the "Log out" link in the left menu.
  4. Go to rawsie.co/pricing
  5. Register for the paid plan using any other email address, except for the one you used previously to create your free account.

To start using paid Rawsie, you won't need to reinstall the app itself. Just copy your new paid license number into your clipboard (⌘+C) and follow this guide to connect your copy of Rawsie to this new license.