Rawsie Help Center

Relinking files in/to Adobe Lightroom catalog

If you compressed some files that were linked to your Lightroom catalog via "Optimize individual raw files" mode instead of "Optimize Lightroom catalog folders" mode and your Lightroom shows "Missing files" alert, please perform these 2 steps to fix it:

  1. Move the compressed files out of "_Rawsie-optimized" folders to their original folders. E.g. if the files were originally located in "Weddings 2021-05" folder and then were moved by Rawsie to the "_Rawsie-optimized" subfolder inside this original folder, you would need to move optimized dng files back to the "Weddings 2021-05" folder.
  2. Then you'd need to rename those optimized files back to their original file extensions (on Mac there's a native tool to help you do this). E.g. if your files were .arw/.nef/etc and were turned into .dng after Rawsie's compression, you would need to batch rename them back to .arw/.nef/etc.

After these two steps, please relaunch your Lightroom, it should locate the files for you and resolve the issue. This is because Lightroom would match the file names and their locations and understand that those are the same files it has listed in its catalog.