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Discontinued: Educational discounts

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For students and teachers/professors at educational institutions
Please note education discounts are discontinued.

Rawsie offers 50% discount for the first subscription year for the students and teachers/professors at the primary, secondary, high schools, colleges and universities.
As a verification measure we kindly ask you to:
  1. Email us at team@rawsie.co directly using their uni/college email,
  2. Attach a photo of their student ID.
After confirming your request, we’ll prepare a personalised discount code which you can use straight away.
If you have other student friends, you can also ask them to email us from their university email (it’s important!) and we’d be happy to assist.

For educators/influencers outside of educational institutions
The discount program described above doesn't concern independent tutors and photographers offering masterclasses or other education as a part of their business and/or brand. But you are always welcome to apply for our affiliate program and enjoy partner fees for all of your students joining Rawsie:
Join Affiliate Program