Rawsie Help Center

Disk access permissions and formatting

Before using Rawsie, please make sure your system has the read/write access to your local or external hard drives and folders where you want Rawsie to import or export files from/to.

If you see an error stating you don’t have read/write permissions during a compression session, please make sure that you have the read and write access on the external hard drive you want to use with Rawsie:

  1. To check if you have the read/write rights on the SD card/external drive – try to copy a file from your machine and paste it onto the external disk.
  2. Check if Rawsie was granted the same rights. To do so, go to System Preferences → Security & Privacy. Usually, MacOS asks for permissions automatically the first time program is used. If you accidentally clicked “no”, you should be able to change that as per above.

Using Rawsie with NTFS drives

We suggest using ExFAT formatting over NTFS formatting, because NTFS is not natively supported by MacOS. However, if you still need to use Rawsie with an NTFS-formatted drive, you need to make sure that Rawsie has the read/write rights on this drive. To test if the system has the rights – try to copy a file from your machine and paste it onto the disk in question.