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Why my license key won't work

License, subscription
Sometimes when you enter your license key in Rawsie, it won't validate. Or you may launch the app with a license previously attached to it and the app prompts you to enter another license key.
This means that the license you are trying to activate is blocked on Rawsie side. There are three options why this may happen:

  • You are trying to use a copy of Rawsie when your license was canceled. For example, in cases when your payment wasn't fully completed for some reason. Or you cancelled your license via your Rawsie profile. Or you asked us to cancel your license and we did it for you manually. In this case you might want to log in into your profile to make sure if you have an active license in place or check if your latest payment actually went through without any issues.
  • You've used your license key on more than two Apple machines or your license key was leaked by you, so one of the first two computers where Rawsie was installed under this license key got automatically deactivated.
  • We've noticed some potential fraud activity connected to your license and blocked it.

If you have trouble activating your license key, please feel free to reach us at team@rawsie.co, we will be happy to assist so you could start enjoying Rawsie asap.