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Is there a free plan of Rawsie?

License, subscription
Free Rawsie version
If you'd love to give Rawsie a test or you just don't need to compress raw files in mass regularly, we are happy to invite you to download a free limited Rawsie version on our Pricing page.
The free version can be downloaded without any commitment, meaning you don't have to enter you billing card to use it and you can always opt in for the paid plan when you feel you are ready to.
Moreover, your copy of Rawsie will receive any updates with new cameras and new features automatically, just like a full version in paid customers.

Are there any limitations?
Yes, with the free version you will be able to compress 30 raw files per day from all the supported cameras. Please note that you might miss out on Adobe Lightroom catalog optimization with automatic file relinking, unless your catalog folders contain less than 30 images, yet this feature would still be available for you and you will be able to compress individual raw files.

How to upgrade to from free version to the paid plan?
When on free plan, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan. To do so, please visit your Rawsie profile at my.rawsie.co. Use the email and password you used to register your free account (or request password reset below the form) to log in to your profile and scroll down to click "Subscribe now" button:
If you have trouble upgrading your free version to a paid one, please contact us at team@rawsie.co for further assistance, we'll be happy to help.