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What is my license number/key and how can I find it

License, subscription
License key or license number is the number you use to activate your copy of Rawsie app. It looks like this:

You receive your personal license key when you download both free or paid version of Rawsie. Your key stays the same throughout your Rawsie experience, unless you changed it yourself for another key or asked our support team to generate a new license for you.

You can find your license key in 3 places:

① In a registration letter that you received from Rawsie upon creating your account.

② On your personal profile at Rawsie's website. Click here to access it: Log in to Rawsie

③ And lastly, in the app itself. You can see by clicking "Rawsie" menu in the top left corner of your screen with Rawsie launched and selecting "Check license" menu:

If you still have trouble finding your license key, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at team@rawsie.co, we'll be happy to assist.