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Partners in Crime. Photographer couples who work together
Their brief meeting during an exchange program grew into romance, which soon escalated into a long distance relationship. Eventually, they reunited at the very place they met, Lyon, and haven’t let each other go ever since.

As with some other couples in our project, Alejandra taught Maciek photography so he could be her second shooter at the weddings. He quickly developed a passion for video production, as he was very much into cinematography. So a year later they were offering wedding films to their clients.
— How did you two meet?
I (Alejandra) came to live in Lyon, France 6 years ago. During my second year I met Maciek who came from Krakow for an exchange of six months with his university. We became friends and then started going out together. After that we had a long distance relationship and now we live together here in Lyon :)
— How did you start working as a couple?
I (Ale) had already started with my plans of being a professional photographer. We went to live for nine months in Barcelona. I started there to teach Maciek how to use the camera so he could be my second shooter in weddings. He liked it and since he loves cinema he decided to learn filmmaking which he found even more interesting!

One year later we started proposing wedding films to our clients and it’s worked really well!

Right now we also do a lot of work for brands and companies. Soon we’re gonna launch our creative agency — — with two designer associates. We’re really excited!

— Why did you decide to set up an agency, after having a successful photography business?
We both love cinema and the freedom to create stories and use our imagination. I (Alejandra) have a creative background, I'm a fashion designer. I've always loved the artistic and creative process of making inspiration moodboards, developing a new concept and finally making projects something tangible, something you can actually see or touch. Maciek loves that he can make commercial videos in a more cinematic way, not only show a product but to tell a story and try to connect with the public.

With weddings we're trying to do our best during the moment, everything goes so fast and you can't control anything. That's why we wanted to have this second activity and be able to create things on our own. Also our associates and friends are brilliant designers, so it's really fun for us to work together :)

Of course, the pandemic accelerated the process since we haven't been able to shoot many weddings.
Photos by Alejandra Loaiza Photography
— Is there an area in your work you have arguments about? How do you solve them?
We haven't had really strong arguments. We both hate doing the accountings and administrative stuff so sometimes we’re a bit pissed off the other didn’t do it haha !

But we just talk every time we don’t agree on something, we try to explain our points of view and find an agreement that works for both of us. It’s always important for us to talk about things we don’t like so that we can fix them and move on.
— How do your skills complement each other?
Photography and film are complementary so it really works well for us to come to jobs as a duo. In other areas, we try to help the other as much as possible. Maciek does a lot of marketing research and strategies, I do communication, reply to mails, work on websites and make contracts. I love working on fashion so I’m usually focused on those projects and Maciek tries to develop and find clients in other areas.
Photos by Alejandra Loaiza Photography
— Best thing about working as a couple?
It’s really fun to work together and learn from each other. We’re really lucky we have similar interests and we’re at the same stage in our lives so we can share the whole adventure and live it together. Our jobs can be really lonely so it’s nice to have someone who understands totally what you’re going through and helps you succeed in it.

In weddings, we love going together because at least both of us are super tired the next day :)
Weddings, fashion or commercial?

Alejandra: Fashion

Maciek: Commercial
Coke, juice or wine?

Alejandra: Juice

Maciek: Water with lemon
Airplane, bike or car?

Both: Car
Favourite tv show?

Alejandra: I prefer movies: Mr. Nobody and The Pan's Labyrinth

Maciek: The Missing
— Your favourite contemporary photographer(s)?
We both love Ovors, Alejandra loves Marta Bevacqua, Cayetano Gonzáles and Maciek loves the work of Roger Deakins and Łukasz Żal.
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